A New Beginning with Vitanova

By Jihaan Opperman

Vitanova is South Africa’s latest human tissue bank established by Bone SA, a Non-Profit Company, who distributes human tissue for transplantation. Vitanova is situated at the Medical Research Council in Delft, Cape Town and is 1 of only 2 multi-tissue banks in South Africa. The organisations’ primary focus is recovering, processing, and storing of human tissue from deceased donors, for a transplantation. “The word tissue refers to corneas, skin, heart valves, bone and tendons and one donor can improve the quality of life for several patients,” says Sandra Venter, Recovery and Awareness Manager at Vitanova.

Vitanova kicked off its donor awareness partnership with WCBS and the Organ Donor Foundation in mid-September and visited 8 blood donation clinics during the month. “We registered around 120 tissue and organ donors,” says Sandra. The response of the public and the blood donors thus far has been phenomenal and they are planning on visiting another 30 clinics next month. WCBS also perform all the Nucleic Acid Tests (NAT) and other screening tests for the Vitanova femoral head donation programme. “We are most satisfied with the project and hope to make it a long-term involvement.”

When someone passes away, their healthy organs and tissues get buried or cremated while there are thousands of people waiting for a life-changing transplant. Vitanova offers the public an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy by becoming a tissue or organ donor at the time of their death. For more information, visit the Vitanova website at www.vitanova.org.za.

“The passing of a loved one may mean a new beginning for someone else. From pain of one family, hope can be born for another.” Vitanova Brochure


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