1 Day – 10 Malls – 1,000 Units of Blood

By Marike Gevers

You might have heard the on-air Christmas jingle as we asked you to please give your Christmas gift early this year. This was all part of our 1 day – 10 malls – 1,000 units of blood campaign.

On Saturday, 30 October, we embarked on our biggest campaign ever. We hosted 10 blood drives at 10 participating malls on 1 day in order to collect 1,000 units of blood.  Our aim was to increase our blood stocks back to the required 5-day supply as we approach the Festive Season.

The support we received from the Western Cape was overwhelming, and we would like to thank each and everyone who assisted us in making this campaign a huge success. We collected 1,091 units of blood, 1,356 donors walked through our doors and 249 new blood donors started their blood donation journey.

Thank you for being patient, the queues were long, but the reward was big! Thank you for giving the biggest gift of life; thank you for saving up to 3,273 lives!


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