By Toni Erasmus

Imagine making a difference in your business or organisation with blood donation. Think about how many people you could introduce to your blood drive and how many lives they could save. Your organisation can be a connecting point for your staff and clients, enabling them to do the most precious and life-saving act in 30 minutes.

The reality is that less than 1% of South Africa’s population donates blood, and almost 75% will need blood or blood products in their lifetime. Corporates and businesses are powerful in our cause because of the impact on their staff, and the broader community helps us raise awareness and brings in a large portion of our blood and blood products per year that go to patients who are eagerly waiting for life-saving blood. Blood is used for those going for surgery, during childbirth, trauma incidents, and others who fight cancer and other blood illnesses and disorders.

Participating in corporate blood drives has shown to improve staff morale – allowing them to not just associate work with doing tasks and daily routine but to connect with something greater than themselves, which can make a meaningful impact on those around them. There is power in collective giving, and it allows staff and clients to make a personal contribution as they are encouraged by those who participate as a team. Hosting a blood donation clinic also fosters a culture of care and giving back within the organisation, values that are much needed in high-paced and busy environments – it also promises individuals a 30-minute break to disconnect and do something remarkable. Although 30 minutes may seem a long time away from work, we encourage managers to give staff this time off as a reward or ask that they take the time from their lunch break.

Top 10 Participating Corporates 2023 1. PEP Clothing Head Office 478 2. Shoprite Head Office 439 3. Sigma Retreat 262 4. Nimble Group 254 5. Truworths Head Office 249 6. RCS Group 230 7. Polyoaks Packaging 216 8. Dockyard Army Base 211 9. Koeberg Power 203 10. Woolworths Head Office 202 Well done to our corporate partners who participated as well as brought in the most units of blood in 2023.

Our passionate team is always looking at new ways to increase the number of new blood donors, and we are ready to visit your organisation on your wellness days, host presentations to educate your staff, and host competitions to make things fun and exciting.

We may not be able to start a clinic at very small organisations as we need to collect a minimum amount of blood each day. If any company does not meet the basic criteria below, we encourage them to participate at the closest clinics in their surrounding areas. Donating together as a group can even be seen as a life-saving team-building activity.

What are the basic criteria for opening a clinic at your organisation?

  1. You must be based in the Western Cape and preferably have other businesses nearby.
  2. Compile a list of 60 potential blood donors (existing or new donors).
  3. Commit to having a minimum of four clinics per year.
  4. Commit to marketing the clinic internally/externally by sharing the communication with your staff.

This year, make it your mission to be a business with a purpose, a business that saves lives! Help us save lives in the Western Cape.

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