By Toni Erasmus

In February, our campaign “You’re Just My Type” ignited a spirit of generosity among donors, inspiring them to embrace the act of blood donation. Among the remarkable stories we saw, one stood out: Asfraf and Thurieyyah Maart, a couple who donated blood on the cusp of celebrating their eighth wedding anniversary on 29 February 2024, a symbol of the essence of giving from the heart.

Asfraf and Thurieyyah Maart donating blood at N1 City Mall on the love chairs

Ashraf and Thurieyyah Maart donating blood at N1 City Mall on the love chairs

Blood types may vary, but compassion remains universal; Thurieyyah started her blood donation journey in 1998 motivated by the desire to make a difference. “I always felt that I wanted to donate blood and offer my organs to those in need. Blood donation was my first step towards making a difference,” Thurieyyah recalls excitedly.

Her determination deepened when she became pregnant. In 2017, Thurieyyah gave birth prematurely to a son who, too, received a unit of whole blood. Though he passed away sadly a few days later, Thurieyyah’s grief transformed into unwavering determination to continue giving blood. After the waiting period, she was back at the donation centre to start donating. To date, she has donated 46 units of blood, potentially saving 138 lives.

Her resilience and commitment inspired her husband, Ashraf, to join her by being someone’s type. She helped him overcome his fears and witnessed Ashraf embrace the idea that his blood type could save someone’s life. Their shared love, encouraged by their mission, bloomed into a legacy of selflessness that they passed on to their children. Ashraf and Thurieyyah’s older children are already inspired to become donors, and when they reach 16, the family plans to donate together at the N1 City Blood Donation Centre.

Just like Ashraf and Thurieyyah, you too can share your heart and be someone’s type when you consider donating blood. Donate blood today.