By Toni Erasmus

Blood donation is one of the most precious ways to connect with the community and to give back to humanity. It’s the one type of giving that holds more value than anything else for those who desperately await life-saving blood. We often think about our donors who open their hearts and veins to give generously, and recently asked them why they keep donating blood.

Andrew De Vries
I received 8 units of blood after a brutal attack and decided to give back, although I am scared of needles I do it and will keep doing it as long as I can.

Alexander Brown
Reading these stories, I know I am helping someone out there. The staff at my local clinic is amazing and I have made a few friends. After 126 donations, I hope to help with another 126.

Sophia Arends
It is the fact that you save lives and you give someone a living

Abdullah Mohamed
Knowing just how important blood is and also I believe that as humans we should make it a priority to make a difference and contribute selflessly.

Annalisa van Wyk
Knowing that my blood is saving other people’s lives, giving me the encouragement despite I’m scared of the needle .

Roda Gwasira-Moyo
I am a sucker of /for always trying to make a difference whenever/ whatever/in whatever way I can. Brought up in a family where we could never have a meal without sharing with someone else, so giving has been part of my life that’s why I donate blood when I can. I don’t even think twice about it, I am glad to use the opportunity to save someone. Much love!

Babalwa Mtshotane NomBabes
It’s my way of thanking God for blessing me with good health and. And its so fulfilling knowing that at least 3 lives will be saved.

It is very clear that with these responses, there is a connection to giving back and doing something heroic. According to health professionals, it has been proven that helping others increases the feel-good hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin.

Here are some other rewarding benefits:

  • One donation can save three lives.
  • It could help identify underlying health concerns such as anaemia and high or low blood pressure by providing these screenings before donating blood: blood pressure, heart rate and haemoglobin.
  • All blood donation units are tested for HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, as well as Syphilis.
  • Connects you to communities and people who are like-minded.
  • Refreshments are offered to refuel your lost fluids and sugar levels.

Although blood donation has rewarding benefits, the greatest one is knowing that your one donation could potentially save up to three lives. Start unlocking these rewards today with your donation at one of these clinics.