Staff Share the Love with Communities for Mandela Day

By Dylan Oktober

In July we ask our donors to give 30 minutes of their time to save up to 3 lives and as an organisation we live by the ethos of giving back to the community. Every year staff has the opportunity to nominate a worthy cause that we support in honour of Mandela Day, celebrated on 18 July. 

Two worthy causes were selected, the Sean Kelly Day Care Centre in Worcester and Mdzananda Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha. Sean Kelly Day Care Centre provides care to children with severe to profound developmental disabilities without stimulation or opportunity to develop. Mdzananda Animal Clinic works to enhance animals and their human companion’s well-being through low-cost veterinary health care services and education in the community. 

This was the 1st year that we teamed up departments and challenged each team to donate a minimum of 67 items. In total we collected 743 items. Team 3 won with a total of 339 items. Well done to Team 3, which consisted of our Worcester Branch, Khayelitsha Blood Bank, Red Cross Blood Bank, Donation Testing Department, Finance Department and our Quality Management Systems Department. 

Nicolette Labuschagne, General Manager for the Centre, expressed her thanks for all the contributions which she describes as a ‘Godsend’. “I would like to thank all the WCBS staff for your valuable contribution and how you supported us with all the items. All the donations received are essentials that we need, and that is amazing. I sometimes lie awake at night and worry about the sustainability of the organisation. Still, I know we make a measurable difference in the community, and with your support, we can continue to do so.”

Mdzananda Animal Clinic were equally excited with the donations received. “We want to thank all staff members for the very kind donations made to our organisation. Thank you for thinking of us and for the wonderful support in helping us care for the pets of Khayelitsha,” said Marcelle du Plessis, Fundraising and Communications Manager for Mdzananda Animal Clinic. 

The upliftment and support of these important causes is a proud moment we can celebrate as an organisation. We are passionate about supporting communities and giving back with the same spirit that thousands of wonderful blood donors do every 56 days.


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