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Q: We are needing blood product usage information for our hospital. Are you able to assist with this?

Yes. WCBS could gladly provide blood usage information for specific facilities on request. The information is currently emailed monthly to WCG-Health hospitals and healthcare facilities. Ideally, staff could obtain the information from their senior administrative hospital contacts otherwise make a direct request to WCBS.

If you need further assistance, please email your request to Dr Caroline Hilton, Lead Medical Consultant ( or Dr Gregory Bellairs, CEO/Medical Director (, for approval.

The request should include the following particulars:

  • Name and contact particulars of requestor.
  • Type of information required (eg. specification of blood product, period, cost).
  • Hospital/healthcare facility/institution name.
  • Purpose for which the data will be required (eg. research, costing analysis, patient blood management monitoring) and who will be viewing it.
  • If the data is required for a formal research project, the research proposal and ethics approval must be supplied.

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