Look Out for WCBS Educational Poster Campaigns for Blood Users

WCBS is implementing educational poster campaigns as part of its transfusion education tools for blood users to encourage best transfusion practices and reduce preventable errors. The posters will be available in digital and print media, and will be distributed at 6-8 weekly intervals by WhatsApp, online at www.wcbs.org.za and laminated hardcopies.

The poster content has been informed by recommendations highlighted in the current 2021 South African Haemovigilance Report.

Topics include:

  • Transfuse the right blood product to the right patient at the right time
  • Use blood responsibly
  • Patient blood management principles
  • Top tips for ordering blood products
  • Patient safety: Dealing with adverse transfusion reactions
  • Look-back investigations
  • Cost saving tips

WCBS encourages collaborative efforts with clinical teams so as to understand and share common issues, particularly those around service delivery problems, bottlenecks and seek opportunities for improvements.

Interesting reading
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For more information about WCBS poster campaigns for blood-users, contact Hayley Alie, Hospital Liaison Officer (hayleya@wcbs.org.za)


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