By Marike Carli

During the winter months, blood stocks typically decline and are under pressure. The weather is not always conducive to going out in the cold, and blood donors might suffer from colds and flu and can subsequently not donate blood – up until the resolution of symptoms. With this in mind, we kick off with our annual winter campaign; this time, we hero you, our valued blood donor.

Our ‘hero’ message will link through clinic posters, radio advertising, social media posts and other digital elements to our ever-so-loved winter socks. Yes, that’s right! Our winter sock campaign is in full swing between May and August. Each month you will see a different hero-inspired sock design. Every donor that successfully donates a unit of blood during this period will get their hands on a pair of socks.

We make sure that heroes don’t get cold feet; our donors rather step up and save lives. Be sure to keep up your hero status this winter and assist us in a sustainable blood supply in support of the many patients who need blood during this crucial period.