WCBS Introduces Erythrocyte Magnetized Technology for Donation Testing

The Red Cell Serology Laboratory has recently replaced the Tango Optima (which has come to the end of its lifespan) with the Qwalys Evo for blood group and antibody titre testing. The Tango Optima was based on solidscreen technique whereas the Qwalys Evo uses new Erythrocyte Magnetized (EM) technology. It is the only fully automated system on the market using magnetization of erythrocytes, a process that no longer requires washing and centrifugation steps.

Prior to using the Qwalys Evo only routine enzyme screens were performed on donor samples, however, a pooled cell will now be used to screen all new samples for clinically significant antibodies. In addition, a weak D test will be performed on all new Rh-negative new donors to confirm their status. The Qwalys Evo is able to perform these tests on the different configurations loaded onto the system and provides complete traceability of sample, reagent and result.

WCBS supplies plasma to the National Bioproducts Institute that requires low titre products without irregular antibodies. The Qwalys Evo is able to determine the titre of naturally-occurring anti- A and anti- B in plasma products by titrating the plasma to a 1:64 dilution and testing against A1 and B cells.

The Red Cell Serology Laboratory looks forward to becoming more automated with the introduction of the Qwalys Evo as our second-line testing platform.

For more information, please contact Sandra Valensky (sandy@wcba.org.za) or Claudia Fillander (claudia@wcbs.org.za) from the WCBS Red Cell Serology


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