Blood Buzz Newsletter – May 2022

Dear Blood Donor,

In true WCBS fashion, we kicked off the year with our commitment campaign. Each year we encourage donors to donate blood at least 4 times during the year, and on their 4th donation, donors will receive an extra token of appreciation. Be sure to read about this year’s exciting gift in our article “Commitment Campaign – Will you donate 4 times this year?”

One of our main focuses this year will be to recruit new donors; a way we aim to do this is by making use of blood grouping as a marketing tool. As a donor, we are sure you know your blood group, however, please feel free to share Craig Hicks’ article about blood grouping with any potential blood donor.

This edition also includes a great inspirational story about Amina Parker, who suffered from stage 5 kidney failure; read about her receiving life-saving blood transfusions. In March, we not only brought the ‘gees’ to the Cape Town Cycle Tour but also introduced Ferritin testing.

If you’re looking for an iron-rich treat, please use Jihaan Opperman’s great “chickpea brownie” recipe.

Enjoy this edition of Blood Buzz, till next time.

Yours in blood donation,



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