The Western Province Blood Transfusion Service (WPBTS) has been experiencing a critical blood shortage due to various factors the past few months.  In order to maintain a 5 day blood stock level WPBTS would like to appeal to businesses, that meet the minimum requirements, to open their hearts and doors and host a regular blood donation clinic at their place of work.

The minimum requirements to host a blood donation clinic are at least 60 willing blood donors, a suitable, accessible venue such as a conference room to house the temporary blood donation clinic and a willingness from staff to grow the clinic.  If you do not have a suitable venue but your factory, corporate employer or office can easily fit a caravan or bus then also please contact the WPBTS.  Blood donors are able to donate blood every 2 months (every 56 days) and the WPBTS therefore request that your company should be willing to host at least 4 clinics a year.  If your company meets the above requirements then please consider hosting a life-saving blood donation clinic.  We cover the entire Western Cape with branches in George, Paarl as well as Worcester.

Persons older than 16, weighing more than 50kg, who is in general good health and leads a safe lifestyle, is eligible to donate blood. The WPBTS’s Promotion Officers will also assist in growing your clinic by educating staff members about the basic criteria and address any other concerns staff might have.  They will also provide marketing and educational material to advertise the blood donation clinic before it takes place.

If you think that your business would be a great place for the WP Blood Transfusion Service to host a blood donation clinic then please send an e-mail to  Please include information about your company and where it is situated and one of our staff members will be in contact with you.