Winter months in the Western Cape typically represent nestling under blankets, hearty stews, steaming cups of hot chocolate and movie nights. However, for the WP Blood Transfusion Service it is not such a cozy time. Blood stocks tend to decline during winter, mostly due to the lasting effects of colds and flu.

We would therefore like to appeal to all healthy existing and potential blood donors who fulfil the basic criteria to come and donate blood. If you brace the cold to donate blood during the months of May, June, July and August you stand the chance of winning double tickets to any 2D Ster-Kinekor movie. Each clinic held during this period will have a lucky draw following the clinic and the winner will be contacted via SMS.
If you are between the ages of 16 and 65, weigh more than 50kg, you are healthy on the day of donation and lead a safe sexual lifestyle you should be able to donate blood. Donors who are suffering from colds and flu will only be able to donate blood again once they have been symptom free for at least seven days or seven days after completing a course of medication.

Visit, call 021 507 6300, SMS ‘Blood’ to 33507 or download our app, WP Blood to find out where to donate.
Please don’t keep us out in the cold this winter, come and donate blood!