Each year WPBTS set up blood donation clinics at educational institution.  The majority of schools host blood donation clinics once every term.  These clinics are well attended but due to various reasons (big sporting events, new tattoos, a new sexual partner, colds or flu) the deferral rate is much higher at these clinics than others.

New youth donors are vital in the sustainability of the WPBTS blood donor database, as each year the need for blood and blood products rise and we therefore need to increase our active donor base.  We are therefore delighted to share our top 10 schools in the Western Cape that have donated the most units during 2016.

HTS Drostdy in Worcester donated 461 units of blood in 2016 putting them in first place.  Spine Road High School in Mitchells Plain donated 451, only 10 units less, putting them in second place and Fish Hoek High School donated 393 units securing them the 3rd place.

The rest of the top ten are as follows:
4th place:  Livingstone High School (353 units)
5th place:  Worcester Gymnasium (288 units)
6th place:  Outeniqua High School (286 units)
7th place:  Langenhoven Gymnasium (283 units)
8th place:  Punt High School (274 units)
9th place:  HTS Bellville (260 units)
10th place:  Bernadino Heights High School (251 units)

Well done to all our schools!  Thank you for your commitment and we look forward to see who the top 10 will be in 2017.