Did you know that less than 1.5% of Western Cape residents donate blood? That is an alarming statistic, considering our rapidly growing population and increasing demands.

Western Province Blood Transfusion Service (WPBTS) needs to increase their donor base by at least 3.5% this season just to meet the demand, and they need your help to achieve that goal.

With aid from NXT\ Digital Innovation, WPBTS has launched the #KeepTheBeatGoing Campaign across Facebook and Twitter and invites South Africans to participate by submitting short, creative videos and enrolling as blood donors, and then challenging friends to do the same.

‘We’re inviting everyone to join in. You don’t need to be musical to submit a clip, and if you’re already registered as a donor, that’s great too, as you can still help to raise awareness and challenge those around you to enrol as donors in a fun and light-hearted way’, says Marlize van der Merwe, WPBTS Corporate Public Relations Officer and Spokesperson.

Real-time responsive design and innovative Audible Marketing played an integral part in how NXT\ Digital Innovation conceptualised and rolled out the campaign. The result? An immersive experience that reflects the real-time donor enrolment progress and potential lives saved in a central dashboard.

‘We love the synergy between heart beats and music beats in keeping the rhythm of our rainbow nation going and realised that just as it takes all types of blood to keep WPBTS effective, so it takes all types of people to contribute their creativity to our vibrant culture,’ commented Wayne Levine, CEO of NXT\ Digital Innovation.

The ‘beat’ videos will be showcased on the campaign website, where those in the Western Cape can also enrol as donors at: www.keepthebeatgoing.co.za

‘It’s been great working with WPBTS to produce work that is not only innovative and exciting, but really is a rallying call to be a part of such a worthy cause,” added Levine.

WPBTS needs a minimum of 2750 donors by January 2016 to meet the donor base goals.

See the website www.keepthebeatgoing.co.za for more, and follow WPBTS on Facebook and Twitter using the hash tags #KeepTheBeatGoing and #WPBlood to participate in the campaign.

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