By Bongiwe Sipunzi

Have you heard about the Super 9 Club? If not, allow me to introduce you to this remarkable initiative. The aim of the Super 9 Club is to inspire young people to donate nine units of blood before their 19th birthday, with the hopes that they will make blood donation part of their lifestyle. Once they achieve this milestone, they receive an exclusive limited-edition shirt as token of appreciation and ultimately bragging rights.

Our recent graduate, Ayabonga Hlumkeza shares his experience: “I donate blood regularly because I get to save lives, but being part of the Super 9 Club in high school gave me a sense of purpose. To know that I am part of a group of young people with a sole purpose to make a positive impact in the community. Lastly, I’m glad I completed my nine donations; see how cool I look in my Super 9 t-shirt.”

Super 9 Blood Donor Ayabonga

One of our key goals this year is to increase our active donor base. Furthermore, actively increase the youth representation so that 10% of the total active donor base is represented by 16 to 18-year-old donors. We recognise the important role that young people play in the growth and sustainability of our donor base. They are, after all the future, and initiatives like the Super 9 Club are instrumental in helping us achieve our goal.

Congratulations to the Super 9 Graduates!

Ayabonga Hlumkeza – Langeberg Mall – 23 January 2024

Tyla Kleyn – Methodist Church Belhar – 11 December 2023

Amber Newman – Bayside Mall – 25 November 2023

Somila Rwayi – Livingstone High School – 13 October 2023

Aletia Pietrse – Brackenfell High School – 23 August 2023

MJ Visagie – HTS Drostdy Technical High School – 31 July 2023

Maxavier Smith – Fairmont High School – 25 July 2023

Luca Zandberg – Fairmont High School – 25 July 2023

High school learners are eligible to start donating blood at 16 years old and parental consent is not required, however, learners should complete the POPIA form, and parents should sign this legal consent document for processing of information.