By Bongiwe Sipunzi

Come the first of January, many of us self-reflect and set New Year’s resolutions that will positively impact our personal lives. Sometimes it starts with a vision board detailing plans to lose weight, travel or save money. At times, we extend these plans or goals to things beyond ourselves, to make meaningful contributions to society and our fellow man.

We asked our followers on Facebook about their New Year’s resolutions. Here’s what some had to say:

Other followers expressed they want to have a better life, help other, and some are going to try not to swear that much. One thing was clear: most wanted to either continue donating blood, start donating blood or commit to donating blood throughout the year.

Did you know that every year, we run a campaign called the Commitment Campaign? We encourage each donor to commit to donating blood four times a calendar year. When you achieve this remarkable goal, you will receive an extra token of appreciation. Donors will have the choice of selecting either a neoprene laptop bag, an overnight bag or a backpack.