Blood Buzz Newsletter – April 2023

Dear Blood Donor,

It’s been a while, and I am looking forward to telling you what we’ve been up to. In this edition of Blood Buzz, we share some of our highlights over the past 4 months. During this time, we emphasised the importance of blood donation through our monthly campaigns, linking it to the word ‘type’, ’cause let’s face it, as blood donors, we are all someone’s type. 😉

We kicked this campaign off in January with ‘Be the type who donate during 2023’, telling donors about our annual commitment campaign. You can read about how our staff are the type who gives back to the community by participating in the CANSA Shavathon, raising awareness at the Cape Town Cycle Tour, and how we rocked our socks for World Down Syndrome Day.

Read more about our first lapsed donor campaign – ‘You’re just my type – as you never too old to start donating blood again’. This campaign aimed to encourage donors who haven’t donated in a while to donate again. We have an inspiring recipient story about  a boy called Craig who survived stage 3 Clear Cell Sarcoma of the kidney. We share the winners of our #Coolestblooddonorever competition, and we update you on changes in our blood donation deferral policy.

Be on the lookout for our new trimester look-and-feel, as we ‘hero’ you, our valued blood donors over the next 4 months. But for now, enjoy the read and remember to try our broccoli, spinach and bean soup recipe as we head into the cold Cape Town winter months.

Stay warm, stay safe.

Yours in blood donation,



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