By Marike Gevers

Early in July, the Black Angels Motorcycle Club (MCC), with the support of the Motorcyclist Association of the Western Cape, approached us to host a blood drive. They are passionate about giving back to the community, and supporting the cause of blood donation is close to their heart.

The blood drive aimed to educate motorcyclists about the importance of blood donation and encourage them to donate blood by hosting a blood donation clinic. The Black Angels MCC advertised this event far and wide, and flyers were found at most motorcycle shops around Cape Town. They ensured that the biker community was fully aware and ready to support this Bike Run.

Bikers were encouraged to ‘roll in and roll up their sleeves’ in support. The blood drive took place on Saturday, 26 November, at the Vasco Soccer Club in Goodwood. On the day, there were many festivities, from a children’s play area, to different food stalls and even a prize-giving. Bikers could enjoy a fun-filled family day and save lives. Overall, 200 bikers attended the event, and we collected 62 units of blood, potentially saving 186 lives. We welcomed 13 new blood donors to our remarkable life-saving blood donor family.

We are grateful to the biker community for their support and look forward to the next event in 2023.