Blood Buzz Newsletter – Dec 2022

Dear Blood Donor,

It’s that time of the year when some of you take a well-deserved break, spend time with your families and loved ones, and reflect on yet another year. This is also a period where traditionally, blood stocks are under pressure, so please remember wherever you go, a blood donation clinic is just around the corner. 😊 Make it a family outing and bring them along. Be on the lookout for our #CoolestBloodDonorEver competition that will take place at our permanent blood donation centres. When you donate over this period, you also get to enjoy an extra treat on us – nothing like an ice-cold ice cream on a hot summer day. But despite the extra fun and yummy treats, you can truly know that you gave the biggest gift this festive season, and that is by saving lives.

But for now, we are happy to give you some leisurely reading and some insight into what we got up to the last few months. In our last edition for the year, we share some highlights, report on some great Marketing campaigns, tell you more about our valued partners and what our first-time donors had to say in a survey.

We recently also launched the second edition of our Iron-spired cookbook, so for those of you who like quick and easy recipes, be sure to have a look and maybe we can be part of your festive treats.

Thank you so much for your commitment throughout this year a making blood donation and saving lives part of your life. We look forward to yet another amazing year.

Enjoy, and please stay safe.
Until next year.
Yours in blood donation,



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