In celebration of World Blood Donor Day on 14 June, WCBS staff wore red to show solidarity with blood donors and the many lives they have saved. The Service praises blood donors for their unselfish commitment to helping patients and creating social cohesion through this worthy cause.

In order to provide a safe and adequate blood supply for patients, WCBS encourages blood donors to commit to regular, year-round blood donation. Backed by research, WCBS supports voluntary non-remunerated donation as a reliable source for safe blood.

To meet growing needs, the Service aims to increase its donor base to reflect more than 1% of the Western Cape population, increase its youth donor base back to 22% of the active donor base, and make blood donation more accessible. There are 5 permanent fixed-site blood donor centres in the Cape Town and surrounding areas; 3 regional branch clinics in Paarl, Worcester and George; and 625 mobile donation sites.

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